Monday, May 7, 2012

Dentist Time

Smile! Last Thursday Marek had his first official dentist appointment and it went GREAT!!! He had a blast in the waiting room playing with all of the toys (seriously he didn't want to leave the office when his appointment was over). They cleaned his pearly whites and put some sealant on, which he was not a big fan of. Can't blame him there! And the Dentist told me that his teeth look great and are spaced out beautifully. Yeah...lets hope they stay great and we don't need braces down the road! :)

Moving And a Shaking

It's true, we have a crawler in our midst's. In ever so "McKenna" fashion last Thursday evening, just hours after her 9 month checkup, little girl just put feet and hands to the floor and took off like she had been doing it forever. And boy is she into it!!! It is so sweet to see her having so much fun moving around and exploring all sorts of new things. Way to go Sissy La La. Here are some action pics of our little mover.