Friday, November 23, 2012


Another Thanksgiving in the books, and it is so apparent how much we have to be thankful for! How blessed we are to have happy healthy kids, and family that we love surrounding us today and every day! Here are some fun pictures of our Thanksgiving.
We took some pictures for our Christmas cards, and we bribed Marek with this sucker before hand so that he would cooperate. Surprisingly, it actually worked.
McKenna playing peek-a-boo on the sofa.
McKenna and Nana playing a hand-held game.
Bobs and Babes relaxing on the sofa before dinner.
Gotta love Brandon's squinty eye pictures...totally makes me laugh!
A McKenna sandwich
Marek and Nana eating dinner.
Brandon stuffing his face with turkey and mashed potatoes.
McKenna was a big fan of the mashed potatoes as you can see by how much she has on her face!
Marek reaching for the tray of black olives. I honestly think he must have ate more than 20!!
Taking it easy on the sofa after dinner while mommy and daddy cleaned everything up.
Sissy and Bobs having a cuddle. :)
Love Marek's face in this picture! Such a silly one he is!

Monday, November 12, 2012


We woke up to a huge snow fall today and I knew before Marek even got up that he would more then anything want to play in it! So, after running some quick morning errands I bundled the two of them up and we headed outside (that took a while to say the least). The truly funny part is that both of them were really only interested in eating the snow, not really playing in it! Oh to be young again! Here's to many more days of eating...I mean playing in the snow!

Marek feeding McKenna snow
Trying to pick up the snow with her mittens unsuccessfully
That tastes good!
Big brother helping Sissy walk around in the snow
Snow angel
More eating!
Finally getting the hang of walking in the snow