Friday, June 28, 2013

Splash Pad

Yeah!!! The weeks of rain are finally over and the temp hit 81 degrees yesterday. So, we headed to the Franklin Park Splash Pad to cool off and let the kids get out some energy. There was a stark contrast comparing McKenna this year to how she interacted last year! She is getting so big it's crazy! Marek amazingly was Mr. cautious at times. He enjoyed running around in the water, but never actually venturing full on into it, if that makes sense. However, both Marek and McKenna did stick their heads straight into the water towards the end. So glad the hot weather seems to be here to stay! Thanks for coming with us and sharing in the day Nana!!! :)

 Watching and waiting for the buckets to fill with water and tip over
 Sticking her face in the water
 Marek putting his whole head in the water
 Always has to do exactly what her brother does
 Walking together :)
 Spraying water at his sister
Giving it right back to him :)

Had to put this picture in...look at the bottom lip! She seriously has such a good pout face!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

It is without a doubt that I have a pretty great husband, and my kids have a wonderful daddy! Brandon, in stark contrast to myself, is so patient and calm...especially is high stress situations. It is these qualities that make him such a great dad, and our kids sure do LOVE their daddy!!! Its always fun to see how excited they get when they hear his car pull up in the evenings and then proceed to sprint to the door calling for him. A child's relationship with their dad is such a special relationship. In honor of Brandon today we just had a laid back family day. We played in the back yard and caped off the day with yummy barbecued sausage dogs! We love you Brandon!!!

Family picture after church 

 Daddy and his two munchkins

 Marek flying down the slide
 McKenna contemplating going down the slide

Look at the hair! 

Literally hovering over the slide...she was flying! 

 Grandma Barbara, Miss McKenna, and Aunt Susan keeping cool in the shade
 Mommy and McKenna
Nana and Mr. Marek hanging out by the kiddie pool 

So cute!