Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainy Day Play

What does a rainy cold day equal? Yep, wearing pajamas all day and building a fort out of the sofa pillows in the living room! Honestly, I was doing the breakfast dishes and I looked up to find these two jumping around on my sofa pillows, and of course Marek telling McKenna where to go and what to do! :) They honestly played in the "pillow pad" jumping from the empty sofa on to the pillows for over an hour and a half! Meanwhile I got some really cute pictures of all of the silliness! Gotta love rainy days...sometimes! )



Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feels Like Summer!

Hello eighty degree weather! This week has been so amazingly warm it really does feel like summer. The kids have been outside playing everyday, and yesterday we even pulled out the kiddie pool! I mean seriously people it is only the beginning of May. Spokane can be tricky though...I wouldn't doubt it in the least if the weather took a huge dip and stayed that way until July. :)  I really hope not though! We are enjoying our sunscreen, shorts and tee-shirts, long evening walks, and most of all Popsicles way to much to let it go! Here are some pics of Marek and McKenna playing in the kiddie pool yesterday with Nana.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Riverfront Park

Today we had a fabulous play date with our friends the Talley's at River Front Park! The kiddos got to go on the big red wagon, ride on the Carousel multiple times, play at the park and even run through the water station! Marek was so excited the whole time he could barely contain himself! McKenna's favorite part by far was the carousel! She had a perma-grin on her face the whole time! Thanks for sharing a wonderful afternoon with us Sara, Rylan and Ayla!

 Checking out the ducks by the water.
 I think he would have jumped into the water if I would have let him.
 Going down the big slide together...they had to have gone nearly 10 times!
She loved the carousel so much that she literally cried when she had to get off!

He was very specific about what horse he had to be the black one with a mask over its face!

Marek's face says it all! They had a blast!

Second time around he picked the tiger. 

Love, love loved the water! 

Going though the tunnel at the play ground.