Sunday, July 28, 2013

McKenna is 2

Two years ago today our sweet little McKenna Grace was born. I honestly cannot get over the fact that she is two! It is amazing how fast they grow! McKenna is definitely acting more like a two year old lately though. Her talking has exploded, and she will let you know what she wants and what she's thinking. The cutest things she says right now are "top it (stop it)" "Manek (Marek)" "gatrade (Gatorade)" and "pease (please)". She continues to have an easy going happy disposition, and is honestly just a ray of sunshine in our lives. I love that she is such a mimic of her brother. Whatever he does she does! :) But, unlike Marek she likes to at times do her own thing and is very content to play by herself. Sometimes I find her in the closet playing with toys as happy as a clam. Our little Kenna. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to our lives over the last to years baby girl. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!

 Family Picture :)
 Mommy and the Birthday girl
 Nana and the kiddos
 How cute is the purse she got from Uncle Kyle, Aunt Stacie, Knox and Isla!
 A toy story coloring book
 Suey coloring with Sissy
 Love the tiara from Grandma Barbara
 She loved the table and chairs she got from well as her princess tea set!
 She passed out tea to everyone and was a perfect hostess refilling all of our cups
 Marek giving the piƱata a good whack
 McKenna gave it a go as well
 Picking up the fruits of her labor (candy)
 Daddy helping her eat the candy
 Yummy...a sucker
 Grandma Barbara giving Sissy some loves
 Great-Grandma Babes getting some lap time as well
 Love that she's double fisting two suckers
 Enjoying being sung to
Obviously the cake was finger licking good!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Ride

Yes, it's true. We have a new Jeep at the Carlson house! Okay, not a real one...its a power wheels. I won't go into detail about how we came to get it, only that my mom made us a generous offer and it all worked out. We decided to give it to the kids today, mainly because tomorrow is McKenna's Birthday and we wanted it to be a fun toy that both of them could use and we also didn't want it to over shadow her big day. To say that they were ecstatic would be an under statement. It was so fun to see them ride around the house in it. Marek did most of the driving, which was fine because McKenna was content just cruising shotgun! I think we had just as much fun watching them as they did riding around.

The first moment they sat in it 

 All smiles

Checking out the talking radio

Really enjoying themselves

Love the back view

Fire Station Open House

Like most little boys Marek loves fire trucks and firefighters, and on any given day he will even tell you that's what he wants to be when he grows up. So, when we found out that they were having an open house at our local fire station we couldn't pass up the opportunity. McKenna's birthday is tomorrow, so I opted to stay home and clean my messy house while Nana and Brandon took the kids to see all of the fire trucks. According to Brandon they had a blast! They got to go inside 4 different trucks, meet some fire fighters, and even see where they keep all of the fire gear. What a fun morning!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today was Toyota days at Silverwood Theme Park...if you own a Toyota the driver got in free! So, the kids, Nana and I headed down to Idaho in our Highlander to take full advantage of the deal. We left at 9:00 in the morning and pulled into our driveway, very hot and tired, at 5:20. It was a very fun, but long day. We went straight for Boulder Beach and played in the water park for the first two hours. The kids had a blast!!! They loved the kid pool area, but surprisingly their favorite part of the water park was the wave pool. After lunch we hit up all of the kiddie rides. I have to say I was so impressed with how well McKenna did considering she is so little. Without any trepidation she climbed into ride after ride with Marek, never even a hint of fear. It must be a second child thing. Toward the end of the day we cooled off with some yummy ice cream, and caped of the day with a train ride. It was really cute to hear Marek tell Daddy all about his day this evening! Definitely a highlight of the summer!!!