Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It is amazing how quickly Christmas flies by the older we get, and today was no exception! We started the morning off very early, around 7:00 am to be precise. Marek woke up in such a state of excitement I thought he might actually explode. :) We made him stay in our bedroom and wait to see what Santa had brought him until his sister awoke, which was 30 minutes later, and the whole time he was practically bouncing off the walls. The first thing he did once we let him out of the room was to check and see if Santa had eaten the cookies and milk he had left out for him, and of course he had. After that it was basically a blur of Marek ripping open wrapping paper and squealing in delight. Three is indeed a very fun age at Christmas time. McKenna only really opened one present because yes her brother opened all of hers, but she was also just very content to watch and then play with the toys he had unwrapped.

After the present opening was finished Nana came over for breakfast and aunt Susan stopped by on her way home from work as well. We enjoyed yummy cinnamon rolls, an egg and sausage casserole, and fresh fruit to boot.

After our food had settled we decided to take the kids for a quick sledding expedition. We made the trek to a grade school just a few blocks from our house that has a pretty decent hill. Marek was an absolute natural! Seriously he never fell off and went down the hill all by himself.

After naps we headed over to my mom's house for Christmas dinner and also to open the last of the presents. I couldn't get over how big and beautiful McKenna looked in her Christmas dress!

What a wonderful crazy day! I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by family today, and can't wait to see my brother and his family for a week starting on Friday! It was indeed a very merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We started off Christmas Eve with a wonderful breakfast, made by yours truly, that was shared with Brandon's brother Bryan, his wife Kammie, and their son Noah. Actually the present opening came first mainly because Marek couldn't handle eating first. :) After that we just lounged and watched Christmas movies while the kiddos played with their new toys. It was really great to spend the morning with Bryan, Kammie, and Noah...we are so thankful to have them in our lives!

A rare picture of Marek and McKenna loving on each other before our company came.
McKenna, auntie Kammie, and Noah smiling for the camera.
What a good looking threesome!
Marek's present was a really cool imaginext dragon.
Sissy unwrapping her presents...a cute Minnie Mouse phone and a Melissa and David puzzle.
Checking out their new toys.
She is finally to the point where she will leave things in her hair, thankfully.
He really loved his dragon.
Sister-in-laws :)
Noah always is so great with Marek and plays with him super well!
After the kids woke up from their naps we went to our Church's Christmas Eve service (both kids did pretty darn well considering it was over an our long) and then headed out to dinner at Outback Steak House. Of course Nana was with us the whole time, and we had a really great time. From there we drove around and looked at lights before heading home and settling the kids down so that Santa could come! Another wonderful Christmas Eve in the books!

Daddy and Marek at dinner.
Me and my Mom
Miss McKenna loving life!
Can you tell she likes her chicken finger?
Bathed and dressed in their Christmas pj's all ready to read the night before Christmas.
Mommy and Daddy reading to the kids.
Sissy loves her Nana.

Friday, December 21, 2012

An Early Carlson Christmas

This morning Brandon's mom, twin brother Brett, and his son Austin came over for an early Christmas! We had yummy cinnamon rolls and enjoyed watching Marek and McKenna happily tear into their presents as well. Brandon's mom comes over nearly every Friday to watch the kids while I run errands and go grocery shopping. Seriously, my Friday outings are a rare coveted alone time for me and I am so appreciative to Brandon's mom for making it possible! My kids adore her, especially Miss McKenna, and she is equally enamored with them which is really special! We had fun seeing all of them this morning!

Marek, Grandma Barbara and McKenna snuggling on the chair.
McKenna is a little enamored with Brandon's brother Brett! She seriously wanted him to hold her the whole time they were here.
Grandma Barbara checking out the calendar we made for her with pictures of the kids.
Austin was pretty excited to get his xbox 360 points card...don't ask me what it is!
Opening presents.
Marek has really become a pro at tearing open presents!
Just a precious shot of Sissy La La.
Marek showing off his new dinosaurs.
Sissy playing with her new stackable bucket set.
Daddy carefully taking all of the pieces apart so that Marek could play with his new toys.
Here you go uncle Brett. Lets stack some buckets!
Playing with his new dinosaurs.
Austin, Mckenna, uncle Brett and Brandon
Watching this little gummy bear cartoon that dances and sings. Marek is obsessed with it (thanks to Nana).
Downing his cinnamon roll.
Looking at the tree with Grandma Barbara.
Hanging out with mommy.