Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fire Station Visit

Marek has been looking forward to our local Fire Station open house for, well Forever! Luckily, today was the day and he didn't have to wait any longer! Both kiddos loved getting to go into all of the different fire truck, seeing all the gear, and even taking a tour of the inside of the station as well. It's especially exciting for Marek because he wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up! I have to admit that fire trucks are pretty neat close up even for adults! Fun times! I think McKenna enjoyed eating cookies and drinking lemonade just as much as seeing the trucks! :) Thanks for coming with us Nana!!!

 He even brought his fire hat from home!
 Cutest little fire fighter EVER!!!
 Daddy and Marek in front of the biggest truck
 Family look at that huge pregnant lady! (5 more weeks!!!)
 Happy boy
 Fire rescue truck
 Brush Fire Truck
 They even let him tryout the hose
 Relaxing on the side of the truck
 Posing in front of the gages
Cool guys trying out the head phones!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Seattle Family

My cousin Amy and her adorable son Conner came up to visit us this weekend! McKenna and Conner are only 5 months apart, so its really fun to see them play together! We took it easy and let the kids play outside most of the time because the weather was beautiful. I think what I like the most to see is the differences in the kiddos personality's and how they all interact with one another! They loved riding in the Jeep, playing on the playhouse, and especially trying on Marek's numerous masks! :)We were so thankful for the visit and can't wait to see them again hopefully in September!

 Marek taking Conner on a cruise of the back yard
 McKenna following right behind in her car
 "Optimus Prime" McKenna
 Conner loved Marek's Batman mask!
 "Bumblebee" Marek
 Yes, they like Transformers!
 Enjoying an after dinner popsicle
 Nana telling Marek "fire" stories...because he wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up
Love that serious little face! He finally went down towards the end of the evening! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day

When it comes to dads my kids without a doubt have one of the best! One of the characteristics in parenting that Brandon possesses that I envy the most is his patience. He is always calm and understanding and I am so grateful for him. Not only is he a loving doting father, our kids absolutely adore him. When our kids are grown and older I will forever remember and have ingrained in my memory Saturday morning cuddle and snuggle time watching cartoons in our bed...and how they both want to be as close to daddy as they possibly can! Brandon, I couldn't ask for a better husband or father to our kids! Happy Fathers Day!

The kids and I framed these pictures and gave the to Brandon for Fathers Day! :)

 How cute are these three!
Giving loves to daddy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Marek's Last T-ball Game

It actually turned out to be a fun little first season of t-ball for Mr. Marek! We had a really nice coach, great kids, and really wonderful parents as well. What a difference from the very first game to this last one. All of the players on Marek's team were hitting well and they were even getting a few outs each inning. Most of all Marek really enjoyed his first season and wants to play next year too! I am serious when I say that Brandon and I are a little sad its over. On a side note it was really fun to see Brandon help out as a base coach and in the field every single game!!! Way to go lovey! Here's to next season!

 Good swing Marek!
 Biting his fingers while he waits on first base
 Second base coach daddy directing him to go to third
 Making a great catch and getting ready to throw it to first base
 Pursing his lips...he does it all the time and doesn't even realize it!
 Super Fan Miss McKenna cheering on her big brother!
 Final cheer for the other team
 Good game, good game...
 His treat was an adorable baseball shaped cookie with his name on it
 Yep, he even got a trophy to boot! :)
Last and final team photo. How cute are they!!!