Monday, July 28, 2014

McKenna Turns 3!

Our baby girl is 3! Time is literally flying by, and I am just stumped as to where it has gone. I can't begin to describe how much McKenna has grown and changed over the last year. She remains a quiet contented little kiddo, but she has her moments...mainly manifesting themselves for merely minutes. Luckily she still loves to cuddle, be held, and especially give kisses. She's definitely a daddy's girl as well. She adores Brandon and tends to go to him first if she's sad or hurt. I'm a very close second though. :) Which makes the times that she adamantly prefers me all that much sweeter. She is really just a go with the flow type of kid that tends to always be happy. Lately one of the things she says to me that I adore the most is, "'re my best friend." Her passion as of right now is kitty's and puppies! She loves them! She would love to have a kitty of her own (to bad because we are NOT cat people). When I think of McKenna I just smile because she is the sweetest most precious little girl in the world, and I am so thankful that she is our daughter!!! We love you pumpkin!!!

 Birthday lunch outside with cousins
 Opening her presents
 Grandma Barbara was so sweet and brought goodie bags for all of the was much appreciated!
 Hello kitty wrapping paper of course
 Kitty bike helmet from Great Grandma Babe's
 Her new big girl bike from daddy, mommy and Marek
 Last and most anticipated...her red corvette from Nana. She is in love with it!
 Posing by her cute kitty cake that her Grandma Barbara made for her. It was delicious!
 Water balloon fight! Brandon and my mom filled up over 200 balloons!
 Brandon, bless his heart, was the main target for all of the kids.
 Good shot Knox!
 Reloading their ammo
 Kenna taking a whack at her hello kitty piƱata
 Marek getting in some good whacks too
 Family photo
 Marek and adorable little Isla taking a ride in the Jeep
 Singing her happy birthday
 Blowing out her candle
 Eating the kitty off of the top of her cake
 The herd of kids riding bikes
 Sweet little Knox :)
 She looks way to big in this picture!!! Riding her new bike like a pro!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

32 and 35 weeks pregnant

Yesterday was my birthday...32! With that being said, all I have been doing lately is trying to stay cool because being 9 months huge pregnant in July with 100 degree weather has not been the most fun scenario what-so-ever!!! 3 more weeks is all that's left, so at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! My mom took us out to dinner for my b-day and then we came home and had an ice cream cake via my request and I opened my presents. The biggest surprise was the Samsung Galaxy tablet that Brandon and the kids got me! Saying that I love it is an understatement!!!! It's fantastic! Although I think meeting our baby boy Micah will be the best late present of all!

 Happy to go out to dinner!
 Grandma, Brandon, and the huge pregnant lady :)
Checking out the lobsters!

Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th

We had a nice relaxing family day for the 4th. We barbequed and the kids played I said nice and relaxing! The highlight of the day was that we actually let the kids stay up and watched the fireworks from Gonzaga with my mom and grandma. The kids did great! The stayed awake the whole time, which is pretty good because we go to bed at 8:00 sharp around here! Marek especially liked the fireworks. He oohed and awed the whole time. He loved the green explosions the best. McKenna was interested for about the first five minutes, and then got a little wiggly (go figure). We will definitely take them back next year (Micah too) and make it a tradition!

 Running through the sprinklers
 Nice tongue Marek!
 McKenna taxiing Marek around on her trike
 Hanging out in the backyard with Nana
 Family photo
 Mommy and McKenna keeping cool in the shade
Anxiously waiting for the fireworks to start