Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teeth Check Time

Marek and McKenna went to the Dentist today. This marks Marek's second visit, while today was McKenna's first ever check up. To say that they both did good would be an understatement! They did fantastic!!! My heart seriously swelled with pride today at how wonderfully behaved both of them were the whole time we were there. Marek got his first x-rays, which he was really excited for, as well as his first real cleaning. The hygienist kept telling us how wonderfully behaved he was and how much they wish all of their patients were like him (yes I am bragging, but he really made me proud)! To top it all off he even got a bumblebee transformer tooth brush (he is really into bumblebee right now). Miss McKenna was right on que with her brother and didn't even flinch when they brushed the fluoride on her teeth! :) Marek and McKenna mommy and daddy are so proud of you!!!
  Getting his first x-ray.
Love this pic of McKenna watching as Marek gets his teeth cleaned.
 Watching a movie as the dental hygienist is cleaning his pearly whites.
  McKenna waiting her turn on my lap.
 Sissy's first check up and quick cleaning.
Wearing sunglasses so that the bright light didn't hurt his eyes! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Texas Family

My brother and his family came and visited for a week just a few days after Christmas. This time was extra special because it was the first time we were able to meet our beautiful 2 month old niece Isla. She is a great little baby and really only cried when she was hungry or super tired. It was so fun to see the cousins interact and play now that they are all getting a little bit older. Marek is the oldest at 3, then comes Knox who just turned 2 in November, and little McKenna who is 17 months old. Most of our days were spent playing downstairs in our play room with the kiddos, but we did manage to get in the whole second season of Homeland while the kids were napping and sleeping. An amazing accomplishment I must say! I so wish the week wouldn't have blown by so quickly! Marek spent the  days after they had gone back home talking up a storm about Knox (he really misses his little buddy)! Hopefully we can make a trip up to see them at the beginning of summer!

We started off by opening presents. Marek wanted to open everyones, and Knox and McKenna were not really that interested at all! :)

 Poor Isla...covered in her daddy's presents! :)
We took Kyle, Stacie and Knox on a sledding expedition. Since they live in Texas Knox has virtually no snow gear, so he had to borrow some of McKenna's! He was decked out in her purple snow suit which was in fact a little tight. It was pretty funny. He was a trooper! Although I think he enjoyed the hot chocolate when he got home much better then his first sledding experience.
Midway through the week we decided to take the kids to the Mobius Children's Museum. They all had a really great time. This was the first time Marek and McKenna had been there too! I definitely think we will be going back soon!
Of course we left the family photo for the last day! I think it turned out pretty cute! We miss you guys already!!!