Saturday, July 28, 2012

McKenna is 1 Today!

It is absolutely amazing how fast this year has flown by! It does not seems possible that 12 months have passed since we brought our little McKenna Grace home. But what an amazing year it has been. Since the day she was born McKenna has been the sweetest most happy baby on the planet! I can not emphasize how easy she has been. She loves to play and laugh, and she enjoys just being around people. The past year has been such a blessing because of you McKenna and we can't wait to see how much more you change and grow in the upcoming year! We celebrated little girl by having a laid back family party. Brandon's mom made her an adorable strawberry shaped cake with a matching mini one just for her. We barbecued and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. With that being said here is a photo montage of McKenna's big day.

Mommy and the Birthday girl!
Checking out her decorations. The tutu lasted about ten minutes before she pulled it off.
McKenna with Aunt Kammie and Uncle Bryan. Their poor son Noah was home sick. :(
Great Grandpa eating next to the Birthday girl.
Nana and McKenna posing for the camera.
Mommy, Nana and McKenna.
The four of us.
Grandma Barbra and McKenna cheering while everyone was playing lawn games.
Marek watching the adults play lawn games as well.
Nana, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa watching McKenna open her presents.
Unwrapping her first present from Uncle Klyle, Aunt Stacie and Cousin Knox. It was a Melissa and Doug shopping cart, score!
Unwrapping more presents. She was really more interested in the paper of course.
Ridding her new mini mouse cruiser! Thank you Grandma Barbra and Aunt Suey!
The cake table. We had to guard it because Marek was trying to eat the cake all evening, He loves his cake!
McKenna blowing out her candle with daddy.
The first touch of cake.
The first taste.
Big brother stepped in to help out. :)
Once we cut her a smaller piece she really went to town.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing with Nana

It is no secret that Nana (my mom) is one of my kids most favorite people. If you ask Marek who he loves the most he will immediately reply, "Nana". She has coached him on that response, but none the less he does love her very much. She is a very hands on Nana. She plays any game under the sun with, sword fighting, karate, and trains all the while including little sissy in all of the fun as well. My kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful grandparent and I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful mom!!!

After bath play time with Nana

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bob's and Babe's

I am very lucky to have a sweet and caring grandpa and grandma - but what is even more of a blessing is that Marek and McKenna have wonderful great-grand parents that love them to pieces. My grandpa, affectionately called Bob's by Marek, has Alzheimer's. He doesn't remember a lot and can't talk that well any more, but it is truly a joy to see him light up when he sees our two munchkins! My grandma, Babe's, sends sweet little cards to the kids every holiday (Halloween, Valentines, etc.) and Marek gets so excited when he sees that he has received something in the mail of his very own especially when it is from them. Thanks for having us over on Thursday grandma and grandpa. We love you very much!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hanging with the Talley's

Today we headed up to my friend Sara's house to have a play date with her two kiddo's Rylan and Ayla! Sara is in my Mops group and is so awesome! We hit it off this year and really wanted to try and get together over the summer - of course so our kids can play, but also to have mommy adult time too (if you have kids you know what I mean). The kids played in the kiddie pool and on the slip-in-slide while we drank cool drinks in the shade. What more can you ask for? Marek had so much fun that he didn't want to leave. Thank you for having us over Talley's! We will definitely have to have another play date again real soon!!! Here are some pics of the kids playing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

One of The Boys

As McKenna swiftly approaches her 1st birthday it is astonishing to see her transform into a little toddler. She plays so much better then Marek did at this age, obviously because she has him to mimic. And mimic she does. If you were to put a cute doll and a car side by side right in from of McKenna, she would choose the car EVERY time. I love it!!! Here is a video of her pushing around her big brothers race car like a pro. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pool Time

Today Marek, McKenna and I ventured over to Brandon's parents house to take a swim in their pool with our Auntie Suey (Brandon's sister Susan). This marks the first time either of the kiddos have been in a pool. Marek was a little apprehensive at first, but by the end he was jumping to me and Suey in the water and paddling back the the steps (aided by us holding him) so that he could get back out as fast as he could and jump right back in again. Way to go Marek. McKenna loved the water from the get go. So much so that she continued to squirm and try to get free from my ninja grip. Seriously, I think she thought she could swim by herself. :) We had a ton of fun and will definitely be heading back to the pool many more times this summer! Thank you Suey for inviting us over!!!

First moments in the water
I think I like it
Ready to jump right in
Holding onto the steps by herself (Suey's holding her leg don't worry)
Cooling off with mommy
She is so trying to push away from me to go in the water in this picture
Noodle swimming
Marek jumping to Auntie Suey
This is fun!
So tuckered out that she fell asleep eating lunch :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Splash Pad

We were suppose to have a play date today with a wonderful friend from my Mops group and her two adorable little kiddos, but unfortunately her little daughter ended up getting sick. So, we had to reschedule for next week (bummer). With everything packed and ready to go (swim suits, lunch, sun screen, towels and snacks) I decided to jump in the car and take M & M to the Splash Pad at Franklin Park to check it out. They had a blast!!! Marek loved running around with the other kids - he's such a people watcher. :) And McKenna was loving life crawling through the water and splashing around. We will definitely be visiting again very soon! Here are some pics of all of the fun.