Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Snow

What a funny winter we have had this year! Snow off and on, but it rarely lasts more then a few days before it all melts away! Yesterday it snowed a few inches so we decided to go out and play since the snow was light and fluffy and the sun was out and shining! Marek and McKenna really do love the snow. They love to fall in it, kick it, throw it, and especially eat it. We tried to make a snowman, but unfortunately the snow was just to fluffy and it just wouldn't stick together. :( As beautiful as the snow is especially since the sun is shining, I definitely think its time for warmer weather to come our way! Here's to hopefully one of our last snow days of the year! :)

 Miss McKenna burring herself in the snow!
 Marek getting in on the action
 Happy girl in the snow
 Yep, that's our Marek
 Channeling A Christmas Story...thank goodness it was a tree and not a metal pole!
 Making backwards snow angles :)
 How handsome is he!
 Not a true snow day without one of them crying :) Her brother threw a snowball in her face.
 Playing in the playhouse
Pretty girl...and in my opinion the best picture of the day!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day

I have to start out this post by saying that I had some really cute pictures of Marek and McKenna from Valentines day, but my cameras memory card malfunctioned and I lost all of the pictures that I took. :( I was super frustrated and bummed. Luckily my friend Emily, who hosted a cute Valentines party for our kids, took pictures and sent them to me! Marek and McKenna had a blast at their first Valentine party. They decorated cookies, made a Valentine hand print projected for their daddy, and even exchanged Valentines with all of the other little kiddos! It was super cute and I so appreciated Emily for putting it all together and being such an amazing hostess! My wonderful mom picked the kids up after work giving Brandon and I two whole days together. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant and then snuggled on the couch and watched the Olympics while eating our favorite See's chocolate covered caramels! Yay for a fantastic Valentines!

 Nice face Marek! Having some Valentines snacks with their friends!
 McKenna and Emery making Valentines
 All 10 kiddos lined up before passing out their Valentines
 Excited McKenna, and of course Marek with his hands over his face
 "Here you go!" - McKenna passing out the popcorn Valentines
 McKenna getting a Valentine from Evan
 Cheese! Eating their Valentine snacks
McKenna making her daddy's handprint Valentine with my help :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Makes 5 :)

It's true...we have been keeping a very BIG secret for a while now. The day after Christmas we found out that we were in fact pregnant with baby #3, who will be joining our growing little family at the beginning of August! :) It was a bit of a surprise considering we weren't really trying, and because I usually have to be on medication for us to conceive. With that being said, we feel such a joy and peace that this pregnancy is a pure blessing from God a gift that He has generously bestowed upon us!