Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Marek Starts T-ball

Marek started t-ball yesterday! He had his first practice last night and it was really cute to watch all of the little guys run around! He's got the hitting thing down, but we will have to do a little practice on catching and throwing! All-in-all it was a great first practice. Marek's little buddy Mason is on his team as well, which is such a blessing. Here's to the next 6 or so weeks of t-ball fun! His uniform is pretty darn cute too! I'll post some more pictures when he has his first game this Saturday! :)

 Catching a grounder
 Playing catch with one of his assistant coaches
 Learning the correct way to hold his mitt
 Playing catch with one of his older teammates
 Stretching up to catch the ball
 Photo opp with his buddy Mason
Waiting to catch the balls from his teammates that are hitting off of the t.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


We  had a great Easter this year! It started with a wonderful Easter service at church. What a great reminder of what today is truly a celebration of! Christ is risen and in doing that he has given us the greatest gift of all! When we came home from church the kiddos went on their Easter egg hunt and found their Easter baskets waiting for them at the front door! It was really fun to see them running around and really enjoying collecting their eggs! After that the kids enjoyed eating way to much candy...seriously Marek had a pretty bad tummy ache after dinner. :( After naps Nana, Grandma Barbra, and Brandon's sister Susan came over for dinner, and then we ended the day with a walk to the park! I also put in some picture of us dyeing eggs too!

 Patiently waiting to dye eggs
 Daddy getting the dye cups ready
 Showing off their eggs
 Shocking...Marek putting his egg in the green dye
 Pulling out the colored eggs and letting them dry
 Right before their egg hunt
 She did great finding eggs!
 He was on a mission
 Nana helping out
 Loved her pretty dress
 Seriously so handsome
 "Look at my egg mommy"
 Helping each other out
 So excited about their Easter baskets
 Family shot
 Eating the spoils of her labor
 Love him! Wow, look at that belly!!!
 Enjoying their dinner
 Aunt Suey and Grandma Barbara
Happy Easter

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nana's 60th

My mom was in Austin, Texas visiting my brother and his family over spring break which just so happened to be on her 60th birthday as well! So, we didn't get the opportunity to celebrate it until she got back this weekend. It's really hard to believe that my mom is 60. Mainly because she absolutely doesn't look or act 60 what-so-ever!!! She is a wonderful mom and Nana and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Happy 60th Nana! We love you!!!

 Nana and McKenna at dinner
 Our side of the table...nice face Marek
Nana reading her Birthday card
 Marek helping her open her presents
 Nana and Great Grandma Babes
 McKenna showing off the card that she and Marek picked out for Nana
 Aren't we cute!
 All of the girls! Wow...look at that pregnant belly!!!
 Happy cake time
 Helping Nana blow out the candles :)
She cut her own cake and was really proud of it

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Downtown Play Date

My good friend Sara and I, along with our 4 kiddos (Rylan, Ayla, Marek, and McKenna), got together yesterday for a fun excursion downtown! Sara is 36 weeks pregnant...ready to pop anytime, so it was great to get together with her before she has her baby! It was so beautiful in Spokane yesterday, so it was a perfect day to be downtown and just let the kids run wild! We went on the big red wagon slide, fed the garbage goat, rode the carrousel 2 times, and then had lunch at Red Robin. It's always fun to hang out with the Talley's, and I can't wait to find out if they are having a boy or a girl in the next few weeks! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon you guys!!!

 Thumbs up! Enjoying his first ride!
 Marek, McKenna, and Ayla waiting for their ride to start!
 She loves the carrousel!
 Rylan and Sara on the carrousel
 So happy she got a black horse
 Rylan and Marek...the BIG boys!
 Feeding the garbage goat
 McKenna definitely was not so sure about the goat :)
 Our handsome boy!
 All 4 kids banging on the decorative columns near the splash pad 
Buddies taking a rest