Saturday, May 3, 2014

Opening Day of T-ball

Marek had his opening day of t-ball today at Avista Stadium! It was so cute! They had all of the teams lined up in the infield and had each team introduce themselves. All of the kids looked so cute in there uniforms! After that he had his very first game. Watching 4-6 year olds play t-ball is really cute, but also very frustrating at the same time! They all run and swarm the ball, and then have no idea where to throw it once they've gotten it. Deep breaths...and remembering that they have NEVER played before was key to put things into perspective!!! Marek had a ton of fun and that's really the most important part!!! Yay for t-ball!

 Hanging out with some buddies before the opening ceremonies
 Yelling out their team name "Creepers"
 McKenna keeping an eye on Marek's mitt while he was out on the field
 Finding their parents in the stands
 Taking his hat off for the National Anthem
 The Flags during the National Anthem
 McKenna got her picture taken with Otto, the Spokane Indians mascot!
 His first at bat
 Good hit buddy!!!
 Waiting on second base
 Ready for a hit playing center field
 Third base coach daddy telling him when to run home
 Playing third base
Team photo