Friday, August 15, 2014

Micah Makes 5

It seems like this whole summer has been a countdown to Micah's arrival. That's the nice thing about having a scheduled C-section. Knowing the exact date and time is a luxury! :) So, when Tuesday came it was almost surreal to get in the car at 4:45 in the morning with our bags packed to meet the final member of our family. Since this was my third C-section I knew exactly what to expect, but having a major surgery is always a little scary. Thankfully the surgery went really well, and at 7:45 am little Micah made his way into this world with a healthy cry. He was the sturdiest of all of our kids weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz and was 19 inches long, and resembled his big brother quite a bit!!! I find myself just starring at him in awe of how little he is, but also trying to drink in every moment of his infancy since he is my last baby. So far Micah seems to be a happy laid back little guy. He doesn't cry very much, and is already sleeping in 3 hour chunks at night. The most exciting part is the fact that Marek and McKenna are in love with him! This morning they were even fighting about who got to hold and feed him. Thank you for completing our family Micah! You are so precious buddy!!! We couldn't be more in love with you!

 Daddy cutting the cord
 Getting checked out by the nurse
 Look at that face!
 First time seeing his cute little face
 Love at first sight
 Healthy boy! wait that's Micah
 Foot print. He is obviously super excited about it!
First family of 5 pic
 Proud Big Brother and Big Sister!
 Nana with her 5th grandchild!
Our precious little Micah!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Crazy Chaotic Life

The past few weeks around our house have been crazy busy! My mom sold her house and moved in with us for a 10 day overlap period until she could move into the house she bought, and then my sister-in-law and her 2 kiddos stayed with us for 6 days while they waited to move into their new house in Boise, Idaho (My brother was already there working at his new job)!!! Mix in McKenna's 3rd birthday, the super HOT weather, as well as the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant and there you go! It all worked out in the wash. My mom is moved into her new house and Stacie and the kids are driving to Boise as we speak to move into their house. I think the roughest part was trying to keep 4 kids, ages 4-1, happy and entertained while all sharing everything! By the last day Stacie and I were about to lose it, but we all pulled through. And of course today Marek and McKenna were already missing their cousins and asking when they would get to see them again! :) Needless to say, life is back to normal and we have about 10 more days until my scheduled C-section on the 12th! Just enough time to slow down and enjoy some last times as a family of 4!

 Enjoying Popsicles in the shade
 Knox contemplating going down the big radio flyer slide...he was afraid it would be to hot! :)
 Isla's turn, and McKenna patiently waiting behind her
 Knox finally went with Marek reassuring him at the bottom
 Action shot
 Posing on the "City of Spokane" blocks
 McKenna so excited that she got to ride on the tiger at the carousel
 Brandon and Marek on the black horse
 The ladies! :) All of the kids LOVE the carousel
  Love the matching haircuts!
 Love this man!!! Loves his kids so much that he rides a goat on the carousel!
 Shaved ice
 We forgot their swim suits, but they all got in the water anyways...yes Marek has only his underwear on! Classy parenting move!
Happy girl! Look at that face!